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Expressed the use of natural light in three chapels added to Farmingdale State College campus. We defined a public space and used the natural environment and light that resulted in a new design added to the campus.

Background Research

la convent.jpg
Convent of La Tourette
Lyon, France
Designed by: Le Corbusier
The windows in this chapel are slanted and on an angle with stained glass to keep that dark look. At the very top of this chapel you can see a sliver a light for some extra natural light but not too bright.

Contextual Analysis 

Screenshot 2023-12-12 195321.png
Screenshot 2023-12-12 195623.png

Sun Angles 

sun angles.png

Site Plans and Sorting

site plan.jpg


1) Main Sanctuary
2) Meditation Chapel
3) Memorial Chapel
4) Secular
Religious            Secular
- Main Sanctuary
- Meditation Chapel
- Memorial Chapel
- Conference Room
- Library
- Women/Men's Toilet
- Secretary Office
- Clergy Office
- Offices

Floor Plan

new floor plan.jpg

2D Elevations

2d elevation.jpg
2d elevation 2.jpg
2d elevation 3.jpg

2D Sections

2d section.jpg
2d section 2.jpg
2d section 3.jpg

3D Elevations

elevation 1.png
elevation 2.png
elevation 3.png

3D Sections

section 1.png
section 2.png
section 3.png

Chapel Sections

chapel 3.png
chapel 2.png
chapel 1.png

Exterior Views

3d exterior.png
3d ext 2.png
3d ext 3.png

Interior Views

interior 1.png
int 2.png
int 3.png

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